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Baby Care

Safety and cleanliness is our priority, 24 hours care is provided by our experienced team of certified nurses and trained carers. We ensure babies' health and growth are monitored frequently and our facilities are regularly sanitised. We only use trusted premium products for the well-being of mothers and babies.

Baby Care (Services)
Mummy Care (Services)

Mother Care

Our team of professionals provides round the clock care as we utilise a combination of medical and holistic healing in ensuring rejuvenation, healing and strengthening of your physical and mental well-being. Our certified physiotherapist will also guide you with afterbirth exercises and techniques to help you regain your health quickly.


At Terra, we encourage and support breastfeeding, should mothers wish to do so. To promote successful breastfeeding, we provide breastfeeding guidance and support by a qualified lactation consultant along with breastfeeding friendly policies to foster best breastfeeding practices.

Doctor Visits

Visits by a certified medical doctor is arranged to ensure babies' health. In addition, a traditional chinese medicine physician will also be available to aid in mothers' recuperation and health.

Doctor Visits

Postpartum Meals

Prepared with love. We ensure mothers are served with healthy and nutritious meals along with daily customised herbal soups throughout their confinement period to utmost rejuvenation and recovery.

Postpartum Food (Servics)

Postnatal Activities

Activities, workshops and seminars are arranged to guide parents in their journey as parents and to improve the quality of mothers' confinement period. 

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Postnatal Activities (Services)
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Wellness Recuperation

Get pampered by our wellness team. Our postnatal massage therapy is designed to aid the restoration and recovery of mothers' health. Herbal bath and hair spa services are also available for wellness and to ensure en enjoyable stay. 

Wellness Recuperation (Services)


Parenthood is a journey experienced and enjoyed by both mothers and fathers. We encourage both parents' participations in our postpartum activities. Additional spaces are also provided for fathers for the comfort of work and leisure.

Parenthood (Services)
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